3 Basics Every Business Security System Should Have

3 Basics Every Business Security System Should Have

Every business is exposed to threats from all sides. There are constant cyber attacks from hackers along with sudden threats from burglars and trespassers. Make sure that your building has solid protection with basic yet important security features installed.

Security Cameras

Installing a security camera is necessary to keep an eye on the property. You cannot compromise cost with quality, though, and buy the cheapest one. You could buy a camera with a poor image resolution that results in inferior picture quality.

Choose from different types of security cameras, such as dome, bullet, wireless or long range. For more convenience, buy wireless cameras that are connected to wireless routers without the use of long cables. You also need to avoid piling up cords in busy areas like crowded warehouses and parking lots.

Security Doctors, a company offering business security systems in Chicago warns, “Most cameras are efficient and long lasting, but do not assume that a feature is automatically included until you see it listed.” A nighttime security camera needs LED lights and night vision capabilities. Weatherproof cameras are specially built to withstand strong rain and wind.


The most basic requirement for any business security system is the lock. You need locks on the doors and windows to prevent intruders from walking right into secure areas. In large buildings like retail stores or multi-story offices, there are automatic doors that come with automatic locks. With an automatic system, no one has to worry about forgetting to close or lock the door.

Some locks are also designed to open automatically and remotely from a distance. For the highest level of security, combine locks and biometric tools that identify people using retina or fingerprint scans. The biometric system is the ideal solution to avoid having to carry around keys and worry about theft.


A business security system with locks and cameras is not complete without an alarm. Nowadays, there are automated, customizable alarms that you can change based on your current needs. Some building managers want to make the alarm more active in the summertime and less active for the rest of the year. Control the dates and times when the alarm goes off and who has permission to switch it on or off.

Buy a comprehensive security system with the basic features needed to secure your building. There are a wide range of security products to choose from, but you must choose the three important ones - cameras, alarms and locks. Overall, provide security that protects the safety and confidentiality of anyone who deals with your business.