Awkward Things You Might Encounter as an HR Manager

Awkward Things You Might Encounter as an HR Manager

Human resource managers learn to be a jack of all trades. As the HR manager you are responsible for the hiring and firing process, benefits, grievances, training, team building, and overall workplace harmony. If juggling these things wasn't hard enough, you will also run into the awkward issues that may leave you to question why you chose your job. Below are some of the most awkward and uncomfortable things HR managers may have to deal with.

Terminating a Hard Worker

While terminating a hard worker may sound like an unusual thing, unfortunately it can be very common. There are many people who are go-getters and work hard at everything they do. They also may excel at social skills and are liked by everybody in the office. The only problem is they just can't do their job right. Working hard does not always mean you are able to do your job effectively or reach company goals. These are definitely the most awkward firings as they have the drive and personality to do well, they are just not a good fit. It is much easier to fire people who are lazy or disagreeable.

Addressing an Employee with Poor Hygiene

Yes, even with all the amazing bath products and body odor control implements there are times when you may have to address an employee's hygiene. Typically this is not the standard person who just happens to sweat more and may have a little body odor at the end of the day. These reports are usually regarding employees who have an aversion to showering, doing laundry, or a combination of the two. You may even run into those who are naturalist and don't use products as they feel we need to go back to a natural way of living. Needlessly to say addressing these complaints with an employee can result in an awkward conversation.

Complaints Against Your Boss

Hopefully your boss or those higher up in the company lead by example and show respect to all the employees, but unfortunately that is not always the case. If an employee comes to you with a complaint against your boss, such as an inappropriate comment or accusation of discrimination, it can be uncomfortable, but needs to be handled delicately. As the HR manager, employee are supposed to be able to come to you freely with complaints against anyone and it is your job to address them.

Being a Human Resource Manager can be a great job with a lot of responsibility, but be prepared for those awkward encounters that you may have to deal with in your day to day job.