Five Career Tips for New College Grads

Five Career Tips for New College Grads

It's almost that time of year when throngs of new college graduates flood the marketplace. Perhaps you are one of them. If so, this advice is for you. So here we go, the five most important tips for new college graduates.

Before the Interview

Do Your Homework. By homework, we mean social engineering the heck out of your prospective employer. The more you want to work there, the more you need to know. Make an effort to learn about the industries, key competitors, and anything else you can learn, short of stalking.

At the Interview

Make a Great First Impression. Be on-time, act interested and engaged. Make eye contact and remember to leave your smartphone in your bag --the whole time.

After you are Hired

Forget work/life balance (for a while). Definitely, "do what you do" to recharge on your off days but don't expect to take or even ask for any vacation time off for about a year, advises Jill Schlesinger, host of the Better Off podcast.

In the Intermediate

While you should ask questions, don't request feedback excessively. This comes across as overly needy which belies your self-confidence. Draw security from the knowledge that no news is good news.

Be a Team Player

Even if sports isn't your thing, in today's team environment employers expect the three Cs of teambuilding: collaboration, cohesiveness, and communication.

Of course, there are other things like listening, interacting, and participating. Remember also, if you find that you aren't happy in your new job during those first weeks and months --don't be so quick to bolt. Commit to a period of one year, then reevaluate. If you still feel unfulfilled look for positions within your organization to which you may transfer.