Four Reasons to try the Lean Canvas Business Model

Four Reasons to try the Lean Canvas Business Model

One of the most exciting aspects of creating your business model via the Lean Canvas approach is that it is an organic, intuitive, and agile process that lends itself to brainstorming and thought provocation. All the while, it keeps ideas reined in, focused and organized. Preparing a Lean Canvas can help you identify value for your business that differentiates it from others. It is a fresh approach to business planning that is perfect for the startup since it replaces the traditionally taxing, overcomplicated, and outdated process of business model planning.

In case you aren't convinced, here are the four main reasons the Lean Canvas business model approach makes sense.

Fast - Outline multiple business models and many scenarios in a few hours

Portable - The single page format is a lot easier to share when soliciting input from others.

Effective - The Lean Canvas is your best business pitch in diagram form.

Concise - Focusing in on the 9 elements forces you to discover the very essence of your business.

Business model planning can be an overwhelming experience for those just starting out. It can be a dreaded process for the more experienced founders. It shouldn't be either of those things and with this simple and elegant solution, it is not.