Seven Ways a Manager Can Improve Their Business Through Team Members

Seven Ways a Manager Can Improve Their Business Through Team Members

The saying, "the customer is always right", may be true in many situations, but when you hold a managerial position, you have to focus upon the customers as well as team members. Here are seven ways a manager can improve their business through team members.

Communication is Foremost

Managers who do not communicate with staff members are initially headed down the wrong road. Without team members, a business cannot thrive. Managers need to keep a clear communication path to ensure there is not a chance for misunderstandings and everyone can achieve as many goals as possible. Managers should encourage communication with team members. When team members feel comfortable discussing issues or ideas with management, the more likely they are to keep an open line of communication.

Share as Much Information as Possible

Managers need to share as much information as possible to ensure team members understand the big picture of team work and the role their position their plays in the road to success. The more team members feel they are part of the team, the harder they will work to ensure the business is on the correct path to success.

Promote Effectiveness

Everyone likes to feel they are making a difference. Managers who promote effectiveness encourage team members to strive to do their best. When team members are working together to achieve a common goal, everyone wins. Effectiveness is required for a business to become successful.


Managers need to trust their team members. Managers who do not trust their team members will complete most of the work that needs to be done. Open communication will help with trust, but both the managers and team members need to trust one another to ensure the business is in the best state-of-being.


Managers need to listen to team members as much as team members need to listen to managers. A business is a situation where you can't have team members without management and vice versa. When both parties listen, the business has the potential to soar to new heights.

Create the Ideal Environment

There is a right and wrong way to do everything, including run a successful business. Managers need to create an environment where team members not only feel safe, but feel appreciated. The environment should promote strong employee engagement.

Provide Constructive Criticism

Managers need to be open to providing constructive criticism to team members. Without constructive criticism, team members don't correct their imperfections and therefore do not thrive. Constructive criticism is a form of feedback and it has to be open to both parties in order to be effective.

Being a manager isn't easy, but when everyone works together as a team, the business possibilities are endless. These seven steps will help a manager create a favorable environment for team members and create a successful business.