Why Facebook is a Great Place to Run a Business From

Why Facebook is a Great Place to Run a Business From

To keep costs down, there is an increasing turn to Facebook as a company's primary online presence. It is more prevalent in small towns and areas of a small population. Having a Facebook presence alone can be sometimes frustrating; a great example of this is where a restaurant only markets itself on this social medium, and does not have a visible menu. However, there is a lot to be said for Facebook for business, and here are just a couple of the benefits.

Large audience reach

With over 1 billion Facebook accounts, the sky is really the limit with regards your business reach. The beauty of this very powerful social media tool is that you can find your client, rather than wait for them to find you. There are many groups you can join, relatively cheap advertising options to use and of course the power of the share button to harness.

Customer does the work

The beauty of Facebook is the relative ease with which how your business identity travels. If your customers like what you are offering, they are likely to share your posts, or tag their friends in them. This eliminates a lot of work for you, and in a respect your customer becomes your best employee. The flip side is bad news travels just as fast, so those who are not happy with your business are very likely to voice it on the platform.


Social media is a great platform to get to know your customer on. Engagement is so much deeper than any other engagement, even those experienced faces to face! People are becoming so much more comfortable and open behind their computer, so it is imperative that you tap into their transparency online, and find out exactly what it is that they are seeking in your product.

This is a snapshot of the benefits of Mark Zuckerberg's creation; there are definitely many more!